In Defense Of Tourists

We've all been there. We've rolled our eyes at the tourist in front of us who couldn't figure out the ticket machine when we were in a rush. What if, instead of being annoyed by it, we tried to remember how it feels to be a tourist? What if we tried showing them some compassion?

Unexpected Life Changes

Constant change. I heard that phrase once, and immediately pictured a stage filled with dancers, each moving to the flow of the music, weaving around each other but never touching. It's an oxymoron - constant change. It's also the perfect description of life. Have you ever wondered all of the versions of you that are … Continue reading Unexpected Life Changes

For The Love Of Coffee Shops

Coffee shops. Or cafés or coffee bars or 'better-than-Starbucks’ or whatever else you choose to call them. The holy grail of people-watching, the "office away from office," and the location of many first dates. I love coffee shops an immeasurable amount. There’s the ability to do some quality people watching, there’s often a sense of … Continue reading For The Love Of Coffee Shops